Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Holiday Gift Ideas & Cards from Tiny Prints!

 I can't believe tomorrow is December 1st! Time is just flying by, and Christmas will be here before we know it. Luckily, I only have a few more gifts to buy and some stocking stuffers.  I still have a lot of other things to do though, such as baking, mailing my Christmas cards, and finding holiday clothes for myself and the kids.
How is your shopping going? If you're still looking for some gift ideas, I have some good options for you. When I was looking for ideas for the Great Grandparents and Grandparents, I came across these great finds from Tiny Prints. With all the stores getting busier each day as Christmas approaches, I feel shopping online is much less stressful.
Here is everything I got!
 For my parents from the kids, I got this beautiful custom White Acrylic Photo Block. It's going to be perfect for their shared office at work.  It's 5 x7 in size, and you can personalize it as well. You can also choose from many other designs.
When ordering all these personalized gifts, I wanted to make sure I used a recent picture. I decided on this adorable shot from our Lavender Family Shoot in August. It's on one of my favourite pictures of the kids. They were both smiling perfectly!
Next, I got this gorgeous White Custom Pillow for my in-laws from the kids. You can choose from 2 sizes- 18 x 18 or 24 x 18. You can also choose if you want the back of the pillow to be in white or black fabric. There are many different styles and designs on the site to choose from as well. You can personalize them too. These pictures of the pillow don't do it justice, it's so nice. The photo is really clear and the quality is amazing!! The pillow also has a zipper so you can remove the synthetic- filled insert and machine-wash it if it gets dirty.
For each of the Great Grandparents from the kids, I got these 5.5 x 4 custom magnets for their fridges. I chose the "Design your own" option and picked the 5 photos, and 1 text box layout. These magnets come in 2 other sizes as well: 3 x 3 and 4.88 x 3.38. You can also choose from a wide range of background colours and designs.
Last minute right before checking out, I saw they had iPhone cases. My case broke a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to pick this one up for myself. I customized mine with the same picture of the kids. You can choose a glossy or matte finish, and select which phone format you have. I have the iPhone 6, so I selected that case and went with the glossy option.
Now all of these items above don't have to be just for Christmas. They would also be perfect for a birthday gift, new baby, or even a house warming gift!
Now onto Christmas Theme stuff....
This ornament I actually ordered for our Christmas Tree. It's a 3 x 3 zinc ornament and it's so pretty. It came in this cute little pouch, and has this beautiful red ribbon to hang it on the tree. I also love that it has the year on the top too. You can choose from other formats as well, such as metal or glass and beautiful shapes and designs.

For something fun and different this year, I ordered some "Personalized Gift Wrap" to wrap all our gifts. I added 9 holiday pictures of the kids, and got it in the 120 x 29.5 size. You can also get it in a 72 x 29.5 size which holds the same amount of pictures. This wrapping paper is such good quality. I was really impressed with the thickness of it, and thought the photos of the kids on it turned out great!

 Tiny Prints has a large selection of holiday cards as well. I have used them many times for the kids baptism, and birthday invitations, but this is the first time I have ordered my Christmas cards from them. I am just so happy with the way they turned out! I absolutely love them!
There are so many different styles and designs to look at! Believe me, it's going to be so hard to choose. I went with a tri-fold format this year, and I think it turned out great! I was able to add so many pictures on it! For the front of the card, I added the kids Christmas photos.  On the back, I added a greeting and family pictures from our Lavender session. The card size is 5.25 x 5.25 and comes with plain envelopes.
Now a standard option is Matte or Semi- Gloss cards, but I decided to upgrade to the Pearl White Shimmer paper, and I definitely think it was worth it. They turned our beautiful.
For a small fee, they also have an option for a designer to review your order to make sure everything looks ok, and no spelling errors. Great for peace of mind!


Another upgrade I went with was getting custom Slip-in liners and Pearl White Shimmer envelopes to match the cards. To add the liners in the envelope was very easy. They come with a sticker on the back, so you just place them in the envelope. Then pull the plastic off the sticker, and attach it to the top of the envelope.

As a final touch, I purchased this embosser which I am so excited about!!  I customized it with our family name and address on it.  I can't wait to seal up my Christmas cards and use it! I also picked up these Foil Embossing Seals in red to go with the design of my cards. Now, you don't have to buy these seals to use it, it will work fine on the back of a regular envelope. 


That's everything! What did you think? Anything you loved ? Tiny Prints has everything from Invitations, Stationary, gifts and Home Décor items. I received a confirmation email when I completed my order, and another one once it shipped. They even provide a tracking number as well. My order came pretty fast too.

To check out everything that Tiny Prints has to offer, visit their website here


 Disclaimer: All items in this post were given to me for review but all opinions are always my own.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Walk- in Closet Reveal + Giveaway!!

After months and months of planning and hard work, my walk- in closet is finally complete! I am so excited to be sharing my closet reveal with you!
To give you a little background on this space previously - it was my office, and shoe closet. Being that we have a very tiny walk- in closet in our master bedroom, it just didn't fit all my shoes, so I ended up storing them in my office instead. I also hated that all my clothes didn't fit in the master closet as well. I had some in a dresser, some in our night tables, and even in some plastic containers under our bed. It was just getting ridiculous to find anything, so I decided to turn the office into my walk -in closet. That way everything was in one place and could easily be found.
Here is what the before looked like: is the AFTER!!
As you can see, I wanted everything out in the open so I could easily find what I was looking for each day. I didn't want my clothes and shoes to be hidden by any doors so I couldn't see what I have. I am so happy with how the space turned out, I just love it so much!

I decided to go with IKEA furniture to store all my clothes and shoes. I went with a PAX Wardrobe System for all my clothes because I could customize it to my needs. I designed the whole thing myself using their PAX Wardrobe Planner. I got to chose the size, colour, and pick from a large selection of options such as: pull- out trays, pant hangers and the kind of drawers I wanted to add to my system. I even got to chose the configuration!! Buy creating a wardrobe system, it allowed me to add so much storage that I didn't need to add centre island. It actually worked out better anyways because I think it would made the room feel too cluttered.  
For my shoes, I went with the Billy Bookcase design to store all my shoes. I'll explain that section in more detail later on in the post.



My PAX Wardrobe System consists of 3 sections. Here is the first section. As you can see, I added 2 baskets at the top for extra storage. I have all my extra winter hats and gloves in there right now. Below that, I added a clothes rail for all my causal everyday long and short sleeve tops. I also added a pull-out tray for all my jewellery. I got 3 jewellery inserts for the tray- one for my all my earrings, one for all my bracelets, and another for my rings and watches. I also added another clothes rail after that for all my dressy tops and tank tops. Followed by a large glass drawer that holds all my track pants and pajamas.


 The second section is a lot smaller than the side sections. At the very top, I put my Chanel purse. Below that, I added another clothes rail for all my longer pieces such as my long dresses, kimonos and blanket scarves. The bottom shelf, is where I store my belts and hats. I also added 2 smaller glass drawers at the very bottom - one for my bras, and the other for my socks and underwear.
The third section is the same size as the first, I just configured it differently. I have 2 more storage baskets at the top. Below that, another clothes rail for my shorter dresses and workout clothes. I also added another pull-out tray for all my necklaces, but with this one I used a clear plastic divider. For all my pants, I added 2 pull-out pant hangers followed by 2 more glass drawers. One for all my shorts, and the other for all my bathing suits and cover ups.

Ok lets start talking about my favourite part- my shoes!!!  Like I mentioned before, I used the Billy Bookcases. I purchased 4 of them and attached them all together to make it look like one piece. They were the perfect height and depth for the space. I also liked that I could arrange the shelves to my needs, so I could fit my sandals, heels, boots and purses comfortably.


I wanted to have more of a custom look to both IKEA pieces, so I added some mouldings that I found from Home Depot.  I can't believe what a difference it made. It took it from looking so basic to very high end and luxury.
To create the look, we needed to build out all the sides of the IKEA pieces. They were too thin to attach any moulding to, so we cut some MDF to size and fit them to the sides of both pieces. Once we beefed that up, we then purchased a Casing Set that included 2 casings, 2 Rosettes and 2 Plinth Blocks. We then attached them using PL Premium and a nail gun. To finish off the look, we added a thick crown moulding to the top of each piece to make it look like they were both a single unit.


How gorgeous is this Chandelier that I picked up at Universal Lamp?! I knew for sure I wanted a chandelier in my new walk-in closet, and this one cannot be more perfect! The photos don't even do it justice!!
This 3 light pendant chandelier has a polished chrome finish with beautiful bead strands of cut crystal.  I love how light and airy it looks hanging in the room. It makes the space so much more elegant and girly - totally the look I was going for.
 Most of our lighting in our home is from Universal Lamp which is located in Toronto. They have so much to choose from at their location, and at great prices. If you're on the hunt for some new lighting in your house, I definitely recommend checking them out. 


 I wanted to make sure I had a place to sit in my walk-in when putting on my shoes and clothes.  This grey bench from Homesense works great! It's not only the perfect length, but matches great to the wall colour, and wallpaper in the space as well. I am also crazy about the nail head detail on it too! 
I also picked up this beautiful full length beaded mirror. What walk-in closet isn't complete without a mirror right?!
Homesense is one of my favourite stores to find home décor. I don't think I have ever walked out of a store without buying something



When it came to choosing a colour to paint the room, I knew I wanted a dark grey. I thought it would look really nice against all the white IKEA furniture. I also wanted to create some dramatic impact, so I decided to do 1 wall of wallpaper. Farrow & Ball has been my "go to" for paint for many years. Every colour in my house is a Farrow & Ball colour. Their paint is such high quality.
I chose the colour "Worsted"  for the walls, and this gorgeous Peony wallpaper for the 1 wall. Together they match perfectly!
If you want more information on Farrow & Ball you can read one of my older posts about them here or visit their website.

I was sick and tired of all of my nail polish in a plastic container, so I found a cute way to display them in my new walk-in. I purchased 3 "Picture Ledges" from IKEA, and hung them below one another. Then I added all my nail polish by colour to each row. I love that I can easily see all the colours I have, and now it looks so much better, and more organized than the way I kept them before.


There you have it, my new walk in closet! What do you think?
 I want to help you get started on your dream space too! Head over to my Instagram account here and enter to win 2 gallons of Farrow & Ball paint! (Approximately a  $200 value)
Disclaimer: Some items in this post have been provided to me for review but all opinions are my own.