Friday, 31 July 2015

Winner of the 4 Passes to a Medieval Times show in Toronto is.....

The winner of the 4 passes to a Medieval Times show in Toronto is Lisa Laverty! Congratulations!! I will be contacting you shortly by email to claim your prize.
Thanks so much to everyone who entered!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Review: The Skinny Plate (Part 1 of 2)

I think I am not alone out there when I say, it's so much harder loosing the baby weight with the second or third child opposed to your first. For me- it's the time. I don't have it! Plus, to be fair to myself, I actually gained 10 pounds more during my second pregnancy so it's been that much harder.
When my first child turned 1, I stopped nursing and I started exercising 3-4 times a week when he napped. I had nothing to do, nowhere to be. It was perfect. I got back to my original weight in just a few short months. Fast forward 2 years, and now I am a mother of 2. I have a 1 year old that naps, but a 4 year old that considers naptime a thing of the past. Needless to say, exercising has been put on the back burner.
Thankfully the Skinny Plate entered my life, and I couldn't have been more excited. It was perfect timing!
The Skinny Plate is a plate that is divided into 3 different food groups.-Protein, Carbohydrates and vegetables. Its divisions equal the proper amount of food to achieve your goal weight. There are 6 plates that you can choose from to achieve the weight you would like to be- 125lbs, 155lbs, 185lbs, 215lbs. 245lbs and 275lbs.
 My desired weight is to be 124 pounds so I have the plate for 125lbs.  
I love that its very easy to use. All you have to do is place the Skinny Plate on your regular dinner plate and start filling up each section. Once they are filled, remove the Skinny Plate and start eating!


Before I used the Skinny Plate, I would have ate what's on the plate you see on your right. Then, I used the Skinny Plate for my ideal portion on the left. As you can see, I definitely had way more carbohydrates and protein than I should have been eating.
What surprised me is that with less food I was actually full when I finished eating my meal. I really wouldn't of needed those extra calories.

I have been using the Skinny Plate for 1 week now and I have to say it's been going great!
Before I started using the Skinny Plate I weighed 131 pounds. Look out for Part 2 of this review in 1 month and I will let you know my progress, and of course give you an update on weight.
If you are interested in purchasing a Skinny Plate, click HERE. On their website they have a Skinny Plate Calculator.  All you have to do is add in your current weight, and desired weight in pounds, and it will automatically select the plate for your weight goal. All Livin' Life with Style followers receive $2 off any plate, just enter the promo code livinlifewithstyle at check out!
Disclaimer: I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. Results may vary.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My visit to Hammam Spa!

I love spas...when I get a chance to get to go to one. It's been a while I have to be honest. There always seems to be something going on when I look into planning a day. Well, for my birthday my husband let me pick a spa of my choice to get pampered, and enjoy some time to myself. I chose the beautiful Hammam Spa located in Toronto.

As soon as you walk in, you walk down a gorgeous waterfall staircase and pond. Then, you are greeted by the friendly staff who check you in for your appointment. (They recommend that all first time guests come a 1/2 before your appointment to fill out a personal health profile. )
In the lobby, they have fresh water for you to drink and shelves of product for you to purchase including my favourite line

 Once you have checked in, a staff member will give you a tour of the spa. Complimentary use of the steam room is included when $100 or more is used, or to any members. If you quality for this free service, I definitely recommend coming before your appointment to take advantage of it. The steam room is amazing!
In the changes rooms, you are provided with a digital locker to store your personal belongings. Once you open the locker, you will find a robe to put on, and a wrap if you're going to be using the steam room and flip flops to walk around in.
If you decide to take a shower after your treatment, don't worry if you forgot your brush or hair spray. They have brushes, a flat iron and hair products that is there for your convenience.

While waiting to be called for your treatment, you can relax in this beautiful tea lounge. They have complimentary tea, juice and snacks such as fruit, and nuts to munch on. 

If you read my blog, you know my love for the Dermalogica line. So, when I saw they offered a 1 hour Dermalogica Custom Facial, I knew that was what I was going to get. Your skin therapist starts off by looking over your whole face. She then talks to you about any problem areas that she sees, or any areas that are bothering you. Then, she will customize your facial to what your skin needs. Also during the facial, you receive an arm and hand massage and hot towels on your feet.

What an amazing facial! I absolutely LOVED it!


If you feel like going all out, they have beautiful pedicure and manicure stations too.  The room feels like you are in a tropical oasis. I will definitely be back to experience these services too. 

If you want a luxury pampering experience, I highly recommend Hamman Spa. You can go to their website HERE and book your service and time, or call them directly.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lunch at Colette Grand Cafe!

One of my favourite restaurants in Toronto is by far Colette Grand Café! If you like French cuisine, you need to check this place out. I have gone there many times for dinner, and not only is the food amazing, but also the staff. They go the extra mile for you, which is so nice. The décor in Colette Grande Café is so beautiful and elegant too. I love their little touches like how they always have fresh flowers on all the tables throughout the whole restaurant. So pretty!

This weekend, we decided to switch it up, and have lunch at their bakery which is connected to the restaurant. The bakery is open daily from 7am to 6pm, and you can either grab something to go or dine-in.

 They have freshly baked bread and baguettes, sandwiches, salads, 6 different flavours of macaroons, and an assortment of little cakes, brownies, cookies and the best croissants!! You must try the peanut butter croissant- you'll thank me later!! Yum!

To drink, they have freshly brewed coffee and tea, and specialty coffees such as espresso and cappuccino. They also have fresh pressed juices which are amazing!! 

For our lunch, I ordered the ham and Swiss sandwich, and a salad. The sandwich had bacon, lettuce and slices of apple in it.  My husband got the veggie wrap with a salad as well. You can either eat the sandwiches cold or they can warm them up for you, which is what I preferred.

Colette Grand Café is located at 550 Wellington St W, Toronto. For more information or to make a reservation check out their website HERE

Friday, 17 July 2015

Winner of the 50 pre-packaged cotton candy tubs is......

Congratulations to Jewelz Cooper you are the winner!! I will be contacting you shortly to claim your prize.
Thanks so much to everyone that enter!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Our Visit to Centre Island in Toronto!

With summer in full swing, we are always looking for different places to take the kids to that are outdoors. Something that gives us a little exercise, but is also fun at the same time! Last week, we were lucky enough to receive tickets to Centreville, and my son couldn't have been more excited! 
This is our second time visiting Centreville at Centre Island. It's such a wonderful place- we just love it there so much!
What I love about going there is the experience. It's like a mini trip for the kids. Since Centreville is on an island in Toronto, you need to take a ferry to get there. My son loves this part! He gets so excited to go on a boat- it's such a scenic ride. The ferry ride is only 7 minutes, but to him it's like an adventure, lol. For ferry schedules and fares click HERE
Once you arrive on the island, there is so much to see and do. Our first stop was visiting Centreville, which is just a short walk through the island from the boat.
There is no admission fee to enter the amusement park, you just have to pay for the rides.  There are 3 types of all day ride passes you can buy- under 4 feet tall, over 4 feet tall, or a family pass. You can buy a seasons pass if you plan on coming back more than once.  If you or your child do not plan on going on more than 5-6 rides, the individual tickets are the way to go.

Another thing I love about Centreville is that it's a perfect size. This distance between most of the rides are steps from one another, which worked out great for us. My husband would watch my son on one ride while I took my daughter on another ride, which was right next to them. No getting lost or missing each other. 
Here are some of their rides that Centreville has to offer:
Fire Engines

 Antique Cars

Swan ride

Bumper Boats 

Ferris Wheel
Merry go round

Toronto Island Mine Coaster (NEW THIS YEAR!)

Leapin' Lily Pad

Kiddie Boat
Twirling Teacups

Beasley Bear Ride


Bumble Bees

Log Flume Ride
Pony Express
Rockin' Ferry
 Touring Cars

I think our favourite ride is the Centreville Train. It's awesome because it gives you a tour of the whole park including "Far Enough Farm". You also go over 2 bridges with water underneath, and through a dark tunnel. My son finds the train so exciting!  



If you want to take a break from the rides, they also have a bunch of games you can play too!

We spent a lot of time at this splash pad as well, so when you come make sure you bring the kids bathing suits. My son had so much fun playing with the kids. They also have a place that you can go for a canoe ride as well. There is so much do at Centreville! 


There are many different places to purchase food while at the park. From pizza, hot dogs, fries, ice cream and much more. They also have a gift shop if you want to purchase a souvenir. 


I definitely recommend stopping by Far Enough Farm as well. They have over 40 different species of farmyard animals and exotic birds.


We ventured over to the pier this time around and we loved it! We regret not making time last year because it was beautiful. Heading to the pier you pass some gorgeous fountains, gardens, and grassy areas for a picnic or just to sit and relax on a bench. We walked along the beach together and my son loved playing in the sand. He just didn't want to leave.

Getting to the island early is ideal cause it does get very busy in the afternoon. If you can, going on a weekday like we did. We found the line up were smaller for not only the ferry ride but at Centreville too.  

If you are thinking about visiting Toronto or have plans to come here soon, going to Centre Island is a must see! You also get the best view of the City too! 

To purchase tickets for Centreville, find out the hours or read more information on what Centre Island has to offer, visit their website HERE