Monday, 30 January 2017

Our Night at Monster Jam 2017!

We had a blast Saturday night at Monster Jam at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. For the first time, we went to the Monster Jam Pit Party this year and it was so much fun! The Pit Party is an event they host before the show. You get to see all the Monster Trucks up close, take pictures beside them, and meet all the drivers. They were even signing autographs and taking picture with people too. It was pretty cool to walk on the track and see everything up close. It was definitely worth the money and such a cool experience.
Being that our daughter is still too small to come, we ended up bringing our niece with us. My son and her get along so well together, and we all had such a great time.


 Right after we were finished at the Pit Party, we headed to Gretzy's restaurant for dinner. It's very close to the Rogers Centre, so if you're ever looking for a place to eat, I definitely recommend it. Especially if you're a Gretzy fan.
We made sure we were back in plenty of time before the show started. We bought the kids a couple of souvenirs and some snacks, and headed to our seats before the show started.   

The show is just so much fun to watch. They start off with a qualifying event. Once the trucks have done their qualifying, they then race head to head. The final event was the freestyle, which was our favourite part. They all like to do some pretty neat tricks.

 I still can't believe how high those trucks go!! It's such a great atmosphere as well. You see so many kids having such a great time and enjoying all the action. The trucks are super loud too, which the kids love. However, make sure you bring ear plugs or ear muffs for yourself and the kids.

Seeing big construction machines helping flip the Monster Truck back on it's wheels was pretty fascinating for the kids to see.


At the end, the winner of the freestyle event was El Toro Loco who won with a perfect score of 40! She was amazing!
We can't wait to go again next year and hopefully be able to take our daughter. It's such a perfect night to spend as a family. Plus, tickets are very reasonably priced, so it makes it very affordable.
To find out when Monster Jam is coming to your home town, visit their website here
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