Monday, 8 December 2014

DIY Christmas Planter

Making your own Christmas planter not only saves you money, but is very easy to make. I always get compliments on it every year, so I decided to do a quick and simple tutorial just to show you how easy it is.
I went to my local grocery store and picked up a bunch of assorted branches (Fir, Cedar and Pine) and twigs for $14.99
Before I do anything I separate each kind so I know how much I am working with.

I use the same pot every year that I bought at Sheridan Nurseries. All I did was fill it with topsoil or if you want to use sand that is fine too.  I use this pot in the winter time for my Christmas planter, and in the summer I fill it with flowers. 

Next, I start to arrange the branches in the pot. I always start at the back and work my way to the front. I alternate each different kind of branch to give it texture. Then, to add some height I add the sticks in the center.

For something decorative and to add a bit of colour I added some white tulle, sparkly silver leaves and Christmas balls that I bought at Michaels.

 I also added some lights that look like sticks, and when its dark outside they look really pretty. I bought them at Home Depot. All you do is just stick them in the planter and plug them in.

Here is what it looks like at night all lit up!

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