Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hopping on the Faux Fur Vest Trend

I am not always up to date with the current trends, but when I saw that faux fur vests were in this winter I knew I had to have one. The one I am wearing in the above picture is from Sirens. I paid $39.99 for it and I absolutely love it!
I like that I can pair it with so many things from a cozy knit sweater to a black dress shirt. I also love that it can be worn with either leggings or jeans too. So versatile. The options are endless!
If you looking for a faux fur vest, here are some of my favourites below:

Zara -Buckled Fur Vest- $25.99 (Currently on sale)

Banana Republic- Faux-Fur Vest- $129.99 (Currently on sale)



  1. The vest looks great on you!

    I'm loving the one from Zara!