Monday, 12 January 2015

Things I cannot live without when my baby is sick

Well it happened. My sweet little girl got her first cold. This weekend was full of sleepless nights and lots of cuddles.

To be honest, I knew it was coming. My husband, son, and I were all sick with a bad cold the week before. We were hoping and praying that our 7 month old daughter wouldn't catch it, and unfortunately she did.

When your child is sick, not only do you feel so sad for them, but you also feel so helpless. So, what do you do? You try to find anything you can to help them  feel comfortable.
 We wouldn't of made it through this tough time without these MUST have items, so I thought I would share them with you. With these cold temperatures it seems everyone is getting sick, so maybe some or all of these items will come in handy for you and your little one.

My daughter's pediatrician recommended this ThemoScan by Braun and I have to say it's pretty amazing. It's great for babies since they don't sit still. This kit comes with 40 lens filters and it even has a pre warm tip feature. Within seconds, with a press of a button it delivers an accurate temperature. So fast and easy to use!

Having both Advil and Tylenol on hand is a must! Always make sure you stock up when it's on sale so you never run out like I did. Leaving in the middle of the night to head to Shoppers Drug Mart in the freezing cold isn't fun. I always start with Advil first because it provides the most hours of relief. I also like that both have an oral syringe for easy dosing.

My poor little girl was so stuffed up this weekend, I found this Vicks Mist Humidifier worked great. It really helped her breathe a bit easier during the night. A cool feature with this model is that it projects a starry night on the ceiling. She is too young to even care or notice now, but in the future if I need to pull it out again I think she will love it!

I didn't even know this existed until my friend told me about it a few months ago. If you don't have one you need to run out now and grab one! Total lifesaver. I don't know what we would have done without it. Babies can't blow their noses  like we can, so this nasal aspirator kit relieves their nasal congestion. I know this sounds gross, but you basically have to suck all the mucus out by inhaling through this tube. Don't worry, there is a filter so you will not get any mucus in your mouth. If you find the mucus is dry, you can use the hydraSence Easydose that's included in the kit that will liquefy the mucus prior to aspiration.
I added Vicks BabyRub to my daughters chest and neck each night to help her with her breathing since she was so congested. I must say it worked great. It contains fragrances of eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender so it very soothing and helps babies relax.

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  1. The Hydra sense nasal aspirator was a life saverwhen my son was little. It works so well!!