Thursday, 16 July 2015

Our Visit to Centre Island in Toronto!

With summer in full swing, we are always looking for different places to take the kids to that are outdoors. Something that gives us a little exercise, but is also fun at the same time! Last week, we were lucky enough to receive tickets to Centreville, and my son couldn't have been more excited! 
This is our second time visiting Centreville at Centre Island. It's such a wonderful place- we just love it there so much!
What I love about going there is the experience. It's like a mini trip for the kids. Since Centreville is on an island in Toronto, you need to take a ferry to get there. My son loves this part! He gets so excited to go on a boat- it's such a scenic ride. The ferry ride is only 7 minutes, but to him it's like an adventure, lol. For ferry schedules and fares click HERE
Once you arrive on the island, there is so much to see and do. Our first stop was visiting Centreville, which is just a short walk through the island from the boat.
There is no admission fee to enter the amusement park, you just have to pay for the rides.  There are 3 types of all day ride passes you can buy- under 4 feet tall, over 4 feet tall, or a family pass. You can buy a seasons pass if you plan on coming back more than once.  If you or your child do not plan on going on more than 5-6 rides, the individual tickets are the way to go.

Another thing I love about Centreville is that it's a perfect size. This distance between most of the rides are steps from one another, which worked out great for us. My husband would watch my son on one ride while I took my daughter on another ride, which was right next to them. No getting lost or missing each other. 
Here are some of their rides that Centreville has to offer:
Fire Engines

 Antique Cars

Swan ride

Bumper Boats 

Ferris Wheel
Merry go round

Toronto Island Mine Coaster (NEW THIS YEAR!)

Leapin' Lily Pad

Kiddie Boat
Twirling Teacups

Beasley Bear Ride


Bumble Bees

Log Flume Ride
Pony Express
Rockin' Ferry
 Touring Cars

I think our favourite ride is the Centreville Train. It's awesome because it gives you a tour of the whole park including "Far Enough Farm". You also go over 2 bridges with water underneath, and through a dark tunnel. My son finds the train so exciting!  



If you want to take a break from the rides, they also have a bunch of games you can play too!

We spent a lot of time at this splash pad as well, so when you come make sure you bring the kids bathing suits. My son had so much fun playing with the kids. They also have a place that you can go for a canoe ride as well. There is so much do at Centreville! 


There are many different places to purchase food while at the park. From pizza, hot dogs, fries, ice cream and much more. They also have a gift shop if you want to purchase a souvenir. 


I definitely recommend stopping by Far Enough Farm as well. They have over 40 different species of farmyard animals and exotic birds.


We ventured over to the pier this time around and we loved it! We regret not making time last year because it was beautiful. Heading to the pier you pass some gorgeous fountains, gardens, and grassy areas for a picnic or just to sit and relax on a bench. We walked along the beach together and my son loved playing in the sand. He just didn't want to leave.

Getting to the island early is ideal cause it does get very busy in the afternoon. If you can, going on a weekday like we did. We found the line up were smaller for not only the ferry ride but at Centreville too.  

If you are thinking about visiting Toronto or have plans to come here soon, going to Centre Island is a must see! You also get the best view of the City too! 

To purchase tickets for Centreville, find out the hours or read more information on what Centre Island has to offer, visit their website HERE

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