Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Our visit to The Magical Toyland at Casa Loma

This past weekend my husband and I took the kids to Casa Loma located in Toronto for their Magical Toyland Event.  We were all so excited. Not only for the event, but just to see Casa Loma in general as it was our first time visiting this historic building.
The event consisted of activities and performances that were suitable for the whole family. We all had a blast- it was so much fun!



One of the first things we did when we got there was go straight to Santa's Work Shop to see Santa. I knew as time passed it was probably going to get pretty busy. My son didn't want to sit on his lap, but he did talk to him and told him everything he wanted for Christmas. You can take a picture of your kids with Santa with your own camera, or for a fee they can take it for you as they have a professional photographer on site.


Located throughout the Castle are beautiful Christmas Trees decorated by ten Canadian design teams. They all did such an amazing job. For a list of the all designers, and which trees they decorated in each room click HERE



 On the 1st floor in the Great Hall they had a Breakdance Show. This is also where the large Christmas Tree is as well as Characters- Olaf, Sven and Paw Patrol- Chase & Marshall. The characters are not all there at the same time. They have selective dates, so check the program schedule I linked at the end of this post.


Located on the 3rd floor was Cookie Decorating, Arts & Crafts and Face Painting. The Cookie Decorating and Arts & Crafts were located in the Austin Room and the Face Painting was located in the Pellat Board Room.
I don't remember if there was a charge for the Arts & Crafts because we didn't make one, but I know you do have to pay to decorate a cookie because my son wanted to do it. Cost was $5 each cookie, but they have icing and a great selection of sprinkles and candies to choose from to decorate them. 





 Also located on the 3rd floor, but in the Round Room was the Spin Master Fun Zone. My kids LOVED this room. What kid wouldn't like a room filled with toys to play with?!


The first magic show we saw was on the 1st floor in the Conservatory called Incredibrent & Super Sarah. The dome stained glass ceiling in this room was just breath taking. Incredibrent & Super Sarah were husband and wife and sooo funny! We all loved this show so much!






 The second magic show we saw was called Majinx which was located on the 1st floor in the Library. The chandeliers that hung were GORGOUS!  It was all illusion tricks which I liked because it was completely different than the first magic show we saw.
I also liked how they staggered each show after one another. They were both in rooms right beside each other, so once the first one ended we went straight to the second one. Each show was a 1/2 hour in length.

Throughout the castle they had Christmas Carollers. We stopped a couple of times to listen to them and to sing along. 

Right after the second magic show we stopped by the Liberty Cafe for lunch. They have everything from hot dogs, burgers, wraps, salads etc. 

Right outside Liberty Café, they have a TV that shows scenes from films that were shot at Casa Loma. They also have framed movie posters that are hung on the walls.  

To get to the Jumping Castle was pretty neat. We had to walk down an 800 foot tunnel that took us to the garage and stables.

Before we left we headed outside to the terrace, they had Smore's & Hot Cocoa to purchase. The smore's were soooo good and huge! 


The Magical Toyland event runs selective days throughout the month of December from 9:30-5pm. I definitely recommend checking it out- it was so much fun! We were there 4 hours and when we decided it was time to leave our son begged us to stay longer, lol I mapped out our route the day before to make sure we were able to see everything. Click HERE for the full program schedule if you want to do the same.
Admission is:
Adult              $27
Senior (60+)      $21
                                                                                  Children (4-13)  $17
                                                                                  Youth (14-17)    $21
Regular admission to Casa Loma is only $3 less, so it's a great price for this event.
Casa Loma is located at 1 Austin Terrace in Toronto. For more information on this event, and other events that they have running, visit their website HERE 
**They have another event that runs on Wednesday nights called Magical Winterland Nights which looks pretty cool too! This is a picture of the backyard at Casa Loma, and you can see all the lights that will be lit up at night for this event.
Disclaimer: I was provided complementary tickets to this event but all opinions are my own.

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